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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Indices (CFDs)

Trading Indices with FWT Markets offers you access to a whole new range of markets, meaning you can diversify your trading strategies across uncorrelated instruments as well as take advantage of the different opportunities that global equities markets present.

Indices are the most popular form of CFDs. FWT Markets has a large range of Indices from around the world to choose from, including popular Stock Index CFDs we offer include the AUS200, US30, HK50, Japan 225 and the GER30 amongst many others.

A stock index is a good indicative measure of market performance. Indices such as the FTSE 100 and DJIA Index are baskets of blue chip stocks listed on the exchange and are generally a good measure of the current market sentiment. A change in the performance of any constituent stock in an index is reflected in a change in the overall value of that index.

Indices have the advantage of allowing traders to take a wider view of a basket of stocks rather than taking a view on one individual stock alone.

CFDs can be used as a cost effective hedging tool for your portfolio and are available over a wide variety of underlying product.

Advantages of Trading Indices with FWT Markets

  • Cost-effective and direct access to the global equity markets
  • As plenty as 11 major stock indices to trade
  • Suits both short and long-term trading strategies
  • Size your trade positions to suit your portfolio without fixed lots sizes.
  • Take advantage of price volatility by going long or short without paying commissions.


Index Name Symbol Spread on True ECN Account Product margin/contract size (1 lot) Swap Long* Swap Short* 1 pip value per 1 lot in USD Trading hours-GMT Break Time – GMT
NASDAQ 100 NAS100 1 48 -32 -23 $1 Sunday 22:00 GMT – Friday 20:15 GMT Daily 20:15 – 20:30; Daily 21:00 – 22:00
Dow Jones 30 US30USD 2 186 379 -598 $1 Sunday 22:00 GMT – Friday 20:15 GMT Daily 20:15 – 20:30; Daily 21:00 – 22:00
S&P 500 SPXUSD 3 218 1..64 -3.56 $1 Sunday 22:00 GMT – Friday 20:15 GMT Daily 20:15 – 20:30; Daily 21:00 – 22:00
FTSE 100 100GBP 1 90 -54 -19 $1* GBPUSD Daily 06:00-20:00 None
DAX 30 D30EUR 0.7 120 -66 -31 $1* EURUSD Daily 06:00-20:00 None
IBEX 35 E35EUR 6.0 96 -59 -31 $1* EURUSD Daily 06:00-20:00 None
Euro Stoxx 50 E50EUR 2.0 34 -20 -10 $1* EURUSD Daily 06:00-20:00 None
CAC 40 F40EUR 1 50 -29 -14 $1* EURUSD Daily 06:00-20:00 None
Hang Seng 33 H33HKD 10.0 297 60 -330 $1* EURUSD Daily 01:15 – 08:15 Daily 04:00 – 05:00
Nikkie225 225JPY 5 166 -148 -79 $1* USDJPY Sunday 23:00- Friday 20:15 Daily 20:15 – 23:00
Australia 200 200AUD 3 43 -29 -49 $1* AUDUSD Daily 23:50- 21.00 (Fri 20:45) Daily 06:30 – 07:10

Decimal: 2

Max trade value: limited by the available liquidity

Multiplier: 1

Tick size: 1 except for SPX500 (0.1 USD)

*Margin Based on a position size of 1 lot

**1 lot equals 1 contract

Leverage per contract size 1:100

***Swap rates are calculated based on the Index Currency’s relevant interbank rate. Long positions are charged with the relevant interbank rate plus a mark-up and short positions receive the rate minus a mark-up. The operation is conducted at 00:00 (GMT+2 time zone, please note DST may apply) and can take several minutes. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged for three days

** Minimum level for placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders from a current market price.

Attention: CFD Indices products allow traders to potentially profit or loss from the fluctuations in the price of the underlying cash index. Traders should take reasonable care to maintain sufficient available funds to avoid negative account equity due to position size and overnight swap charges especially during ex-dividend dates.

Legal: Financial Wealth Trading Markets (Pty) Ltd is is authorised by the Financial Service Board (FSB) in South Africa as a Financial Service Provider (FSP) with authorisation number 44133.

Risk Warning: Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, taking into account your investments objectives and level of experience, before trading, and if necessary seek independent advice.